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Abilities based on your Birth Date

Your birth date describes who we are, what we are good at and what our inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and the challenges we are facing. To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth date together like in the example until there is only one digit. A Birth Number does not prevent you from being anything you want to be, it will just color your choice differently and give you a little insight.

March 20, 1950
3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973 = 1 + 9 + 7+ 3 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2
2 is the Birth Number to read for the birth date in the example.
Your number is _______.



1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural. Having things their own way is another trait that gets them as being stubborn and arrogant. 1's are extremely honest and do well to learn some diplomacy skills. They like to take the initiative and are often leaders or bosses, as they like to be the best. Being self-employed is definitely
helpful for them. Lesson to learn: Others' ideas might be just as good or better and to stay open minded.

Famous 1's: Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan, Carol Burnett, Wynona Judd, Nancy Reagan, and Raquel Welch.

2's are the born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and moods and often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and very intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead them to be successful in life, but on the other hand they'd rather be alone than in an uncomfortable relationship. Being naturally shy they should learn to boost their self-esteem and express themselves freely and seize the moment and not put things off.

Famous 2's: President Bill Clinton, Madonna, Whoopee Goldberg, Thomas Edison, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

3's are idealists. They are very creative, social, charming, romantic, and easygoing. They start many things, but don't always see them through. They like others to be happy and go to great lengths to achieve it. They are very popular and idealistic. They should learn to see the world from a more realistic point of view.

Famous 3's: Alan Alda, Ann Landers, Bill Cosby, Melanie Griffith, Salvador Dali, and Jodi Foster.

4's are sensible and traditional. They like order and routine. They only act when they fully understand what they are expected to do. They like getting their hands dirty and working hard. They are attracted to the outdoors and feel an affinity with nature. They are prepared to wait and can be stubborn and persistent. They should learn to be more flexible
and to be nice to themselves.

Famous 4's: Neil Diamond, Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tina Turner, Paul Hogan, Oprah Winfrey

5's are the explorers. Their natural curiosity, risk taking, and enthusiasm often land them in hot water. They need diversity, and don't like to be stuck in a rut. The whole world is their school and they see a learning possibility in every situation. The questions never stop. They are well advised to look before they take action and make sure they have all
the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Famous 5's: Abraham Lincoln, Charlotte Bronte, Jessica Walter, Vincent Van Gogh, Bette Midler, Helen Keller and Mark Hamil.

6's are idealistic and need to feel useful to be happy. A strong family connection is important to them. Their emotions influence their decisions. They have a strong urge to take care of others and to help. They are very loyal and make great teachers. They like art or music. They make loyal friends who take the friendship seriously.6's should learn to
differentiate between what they can change and what they cannot.

Famous 6's: Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, and Goldie Hawn.

7's are the searchers. Always probing for hidden information, they find it difficult to accept things at face value. Emotions don't sway their decisions. Questioning everything in life, they don't like to be questioned themselves. They're never off to a fast start, and their motto is slow and steady wins the race. They come across as philosophers and being very
knowledgeable, and sometimes as loners. They are technically inclined and make great researchers uncovering information. They like secrets. They live in their own world and should learn what is acceptable and what not in the world at large.

Famous 7's: William Shakespeare, Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, Joan Baez, and Princess Diana.

8's are the problem solvers. They are professional, blunt and to the point, have good judgment and are decisive. They have grand plans and like to live the good life. They take charge of people. They view people objectively. They let you know in no uncertain terms that they are the boss. They should learn to exude their decisions on their own needs rather than on what
others want.

Famous 8's: Edgar Cayce, Barbara Streisand, George Harrison, Jane Fonda, Pablo Picasso, Aretha Franklin, Nostrodamus.

9's are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous, giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm, they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in. They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful, they need to build a loving foundation.

Famous 9's: Albert Schweitzer, Shirley MacLaine, Harrison Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Elvis Presley

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Find Your Match

01. [Astro Signs] - Aries

01. Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Hot and fiery, you always like to be at the head of things

Ruled by Mars

A Masculine Positive Cardinal Fire sign

Polar or Opposite sign: Libra

1.1. Color - Shades of Red

1.2. You as a man:
You are a picture of passionate ardour one minute, and are as icy as a polar bear the next. When it comes to love, your heedless attitude is absolutely amazing. You plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born. When it breaks in half, you will pick up the pieces, and try every angle you can think of to salvage the dead romance.
You are a natural rebel. You demand the same fierce loyalty that you give, in both love and friendship. You want your woman to be completely independent, yet stay a few paces behind.

1.3. You as a woman:
You will open your own doors. You are rather a pushover for flattery, if it has an honest base. Your loyalty in love is gigantic, as long as the sentiment remains. You are generous to a fault with your time and sympathy. But when it comes to love, you are downright stingy.
You think love is equal sharing. You admire strength and try to imitate it. You will throw away fame or fortune defiantly in the face of anyone who hurts a friend of yours.
You can be unreasonably temperamental, and create some violent scenes. But you never hold a grudge, seek revenge, and indulge in self-pity or bitterness.

1.4. Your Love Sign
Your love sign is Scorpio
You love the chase and will do whatever it takes to get the prize you desire. But you will wonder if the prize is worth keeping. You will take risks during the chase and would love your beloved to do the same. This give and take adds sparks to your relationship. A mental attraction for you is often the first step and the indicator as to whether things will progress. You love being told you are the best

1.5. You in Relationships
You are demanding and passionate, and need an equally self-possessed lover to stimulate you. You can be fiercely loyal, yet self-centered at the same time. So your partner needs to exhibit confidence and know when to give you your space. The occasional bouts of temper exhibited by you are best dealt with if they are used as a prelude to a deeper understanding. You will stick with a relationship as long as it's hot, but if things start to cool down, it won't be long before you hit the road. The ideal Aries soul mate may be someone who is never dull.

1.6. One must Know the rules when dealing with Aries

1.6.1. What you should do:
Meet the Aries eye to eye. The Ram likes to make eye contact, and what do you know, he will notice the new outfit in the process
Be prepared for anything. Your Aries lover will serenade you in true Romeo fashion, and ask you to bungee jump with him the next day.
Be bold. No coyness for the Aries lover. Your free, independent spirit will be appreciated, so have fun!
Expect a lot of fun along the way. Your Aries lover will play a practical joke on you just as you are out of bed, and surprise you with floral bouquets.
Bask in the glory of your Aries lover's passion.

1.6.2. What you should not do:
Don't be too possessive. Rest assured, your Aries lover will be faithful, but if you attempt to stifle his freedom, he will slip out of your grasp.
Don't try to get his attention by flirting with other men. Don't talk about exflames, either. Your Aries man will have a roving eve, but he belongs to you. Stooping down will only send him packing.
Don't be too critical of his friends. Give him the space he needs.
Don't dampen your Aries lover's enthusiasm. He is exuberant, and you have to pretend to cruise along, even if you are not interested. What is a little play-acting to make sure that your Aries man stays with you?
Don't play hard to get. This could prove fatal, as the Aries man will take it for rejection and go away.

1.7. Beautiful You
You are a trendsetter, mind you. Your greatest pleasure lies in people taking note of the clothes you wear. And if they wish their wardrobe could get better than yours, even better. You were probably the first one to try the new-length mini skirt. You like perfumes with florid, heady undertones, and you should call attention to your piercing eyes with bold shadow choices and well-groomed brows.
You are game for anything new, but you have your set choices. Your sexy, red lipstick probably has a place of honour in your purse. And yes, the more vibrant the reds are, the better. No muted shades for you! You are comfortable with starting off things, but never get down to finishing them. You probably bought a new jar of fairness cream, and soon forgot all about it. Last season's discarded colors and halfused lotions pile up beneath your sink and clutter up your vanity.
Although potions you love certainly help you shine, your true beauty comes from your spontaneity and willingness to experiment. You have your best foot forward all the time. This runs color up your cheeks, and is one blush make-up cannot achieve!

1.8. Lucky Gem
This glittering coral is your stone. It will give you all the courage you need! The stone could also make you rich. You can be assured of a comfortable future.

1.9. Lucky Number
See what magic number 14 can bring into your life

1.10. Lucky Color
Revel in the magic of peacock blue!

1.11. Lucky Day
Strike gold on Tuesday!

1.12. Careers and you
You are competitive and love the game, whether it's business or life. You hate to lose, which means you will probably win. You like being the leader - you like to start projects and blaze the trail for colleagues. You are considerate of your colleagues and display enthusiasm and courage in the workplace. One thing you crave is adventure. Preachy staff meetings are a snore, since you would much rather be out in the field closing a key client. New challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace for you.

1.13. Aries Career Guide
Here are some occupations that an Aries might consider:
- Dentist
- Director
- Entertainer
- Entrepreneur
- Landlord
- Lawyer
- Make-up artist
- Optometrist
- Producer
- Sportsperson
- Stock broker

1.14. Money and you
You are gutsy and spirited, the go-getter of the zodiac. You like to hog the limelight and win! This quality might get you into a financial tight spot but invariably you manage to wriggle out of it. Very often, money to you is nothing more than the "currency" which will enable you to get what you want. Are you security conscious? You are not keen on the idea of a nest-egg. You live for the moment and do not believe in saving for a rainy day. You are also messy with repaying loans. The flip side of this is that if you have a couple of bucks on hand, you'd be more than happy to lend them.

02. [Astro Signs] - Taurus

02. Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

Stubborn and dependable, you are blessed with a bullish steadiness, which is your
very own.

Ruled by Venus

A Feminine Negative Fixed Earth Sign

Polar or Opposite Sign: Scorpio

2.1. Color: Shades of verdant green

2.2. You as a man:
You can be a tender, gentle and protective lover. Your sentimental gestures and pleasantly earthy wooing can be just as satisfying as the soulful, poetic sighs of more colorful lovers.
You're extremely patient, but are not willing to waste an entire lifetime on a lost cause. You are kind, gentle and truly tolerant. You'll do anything in the world for the woman you love except allow her to wear the pants. Your financial affairs are usually secure. Few of you will fail to accumulate at least security, if not wealth.

2.3. You as a woman:
You have more moral and emotional courage than many a tough male, but you have enough confidence in your own sex to let your man be the boss.
When you run across someone you dislike, you don't start a big campaign to destroy him. You show frigid indifference to your enemies, but if you count someone as a friend, you'll be loyal through all ups and downs. Your perspective normally remains straight and true, with no twists and turns. You can be a tower of strength. You're seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and your disposition is generally even, down-to-earth and pleasant.

2.4. Your Love Sign
Your love sign is Cancer
Sweetness is your best recipe. You are extremely responsive, and if a tender glance comes with champagne and roses, the better. You value material pleasures, and would live to share them with your lover. Security and possessions are important to you, and someone who provides these things will quickly make it to the top of your list.

2.5. You in Relationships
You are committed, and make a wonderful partner. You take your time, and a slow and steady courtship is more your style. This quality alone is enough to win people over. You enjoy a close relationship, and the affection and intimacy this provides. You are also strong enough to be the power in a relationship. You do love being pampered, and regular gifts will keep you interested.

2.6. One must Know the rules when dealing with Taurus

2.6.1. What you should do:
Perfect the art of whipping up a gourmet meal. And top it with candlelight and romantic music.
Share quality time with your Taurus. Five-minute meetings when you have something else in mind will not work. When you give time to the Taurus, give all of it.
Be assured of a shoulder to cry on. The Taurus will support you through thick and thin, no matter what.
Be generous with compliments. Your Taurus loves being appreciated and noticed, and all it takes is some of your time!
Learn to be patient. There are times when the bull will let off steam, and target everything in his path, which includes you. Wait for the storm to blow over.

2.6.2. What you should not do:
Try not to be unpredictable. The Bull loves stability in life, and any attempt to upset the apple cart will only send him scurrying.
Don't push your opinions on your Taurus lover. The Bull loves being in charge of a situation, don't deprive him of the feeling.
Don't be frivolous. The Taurus prefers a steady relationship. If you don't want to carry on, say so. Don't break hearts.
Suggesting a financial plan to a Taurus can be sacrilege. The Bull loves to have total control of the money, so keep your suggestions to yourself.
Don't push for an answer early on. Taurus likes to take his time, so wait for the right time.
Beautiful You
Ever wondered how beauty is not always make-up dependent? Well, rejoice, that is the kind of beauty you are blessed with! Stop thinking of yourself as a stuffy old bull. Subtlety is your greatest strength, and this is the greatest head-turner!
Your dressing table is never cluttered. You don't scurry to buy the latest shade of lipstick. A trusted brand name is what you prefer, and you would probably stick with a brand for ages. Though you are simple, you always have a trick up your sleeve. This is why you always manage to look beautiful.
With your steady gaze and flawless complexion, you should grow out your natural curls rather than force them straight, or keep your nails trimmed short if you just know long and sexy won't work for you. You adore the small, sensual pleasures of beauty -- sensual fabrics, natural, revitalizing skin creams and perfume with a woodsy, balsamic scent.
You prefer your hair flowing naturally over your shoulder or a loose tendril falling across your forehead. It's through these tiny but generous gestures of understated femininity that you as a Taurus assert your beauty.

2.7. Lucky Gem
You love the real thing, and wearing a diamond can bring you wealth. What you don't know is that it can make you a better person!

2.8. Lucky Number
Number 3 is what you should rely on for good fortune!

2.9. Lucky Color
Lotus pink will do you a world of good.

2.10. Lucky Day
Monday is the day of new beginnings!

2.11. Careers and you
You are reliable and loyal, easy to get along with and a good team player. You are also practical and grounded, as befits an Earth Sign. You are the Mr.-Fix-It of the zodiac. You can be a bit lazy to get going, but once you are up and running, look out! There's a focus and single-mindedness of purpose there that can come in very handy. You can be strong-willed, so it's a good idea for colleagues to lay down the law first - - you will follow their lead and work hard. While you can do well in business, an artistic streak is also present. More apparent, though, can be your frequent stubborn streaks, which can defeat a lot of hard work. And that temper! It's mercifully swift. If you can keep your focus on the steady accumulation of material goods and an occasional dose of earthy, sensual pleasures, life will be grand.

2.12. Taurus Career Guide
Here are some occupations that a Taurean might consider:
- Advertising director
- Antique dealer
- Business person
- Cashier
- Clothing designer
- Financial advisor
- Florist
- Patron of the arts
- Perfumer
- Real estate agent
- Singer
- Venture capitalist
- Woodworker

2.13. Money and you
You are one of the Zodiac's great providers. You are terrific with money, probably because you value it so much. You don't mind slogging for the good things in life. Of course, you do value the simple things in life like a sunset, a juicy grapefruit or a good book. As an Earth Sign, you also enjoy owning a piece of land, so real estate makes for a particularly attractive investment. You love everything about money -- its color, feel, and smell -- and also feel entitled to it! This comfort level around money makes you very good with it. You never make rash financial decisions that will cause you to lose your treasure trove. You are a master at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned, which means that bills will be paid on time and accounts are always in order.

03. [Astro Signs] - Cancer

03. Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

From patient to strident in a flash! Who can predict the kind of person you are?

Ruled by Mercury

A Masculine Positive Mutable Air Sign

Polar or opposite sign: Sagittarius

3.1. Color: Yellow or Gold

3.2. You as a man:
Being in love gives you a nice sense of warm security. There's that heavenly comfort of always knowing someone is going to be there. All the doubts you knew before just melt away.
You like people. The more the merrier. You can convince people that you are an exciting, interesting and intelligent man. You will not remain tomorrow what you are today, nor will you have any lasting memory of yesterday. In one way or another, you will change. Loving you is easy and fun, but you like to keep a distance. There's an inner core that belongs only to you, that you'll never share with another human being.

3.3. You as a woman:
Your Gemini mind is always traveling, and you match it with a ready wit. Your active imagination can create many fantasies, but it is difficult for you to commit to one person at a time.
You love the thrill of a gamble, all in the interests of future security. Your astute business sense will stand you in good stead. You are a stimulating companion, and will satisfy your man's emotional and intellectual cravings. You are also ready with the sympathy, when life has been particularly rough.
You have a hard head, but your dreamy eyes carry a promise of the future.

3.4. Your Love Sign
Your love sign is Leo
A love affair with you needs great stamina, and is a race to the finish. You are funny and love to play those little tricks that make a relationship with you fun. You have an active mind, which can sometimes lead to a short attention span. The best way to keep you around and aroused is through mental stimulation. You also value adventure and travel, so a certain casual attitude will help the romance bloom. Your duality allows you to see both sides of an issue. You also feel especially connected to those who can help you feel, since you spend so much of your time thinking.

3.5. You in Relationships
A relationship with you is certainly never boring. You want a mentally stimulating partner, who should match you in your zest for life. You love to dazzle with your intelligence and quick wit. Jealous lovers will find themselves tested by your magnetism, and you do love testing your beloved to see if they are true. You need to be loved and yet need space, and the one person who can give both to you wins hands down.

3.6. One must Know the rules when dealing with Gemini

3.6.1. What you should do:
Be open. Your Gemini partner will play the field. Some light-hearted flirting will be part of the relationship. Don't throw a tantrum. You can be assured of his loyalty.
Brush up on your general knowledge. The Gemini loves to talk, and if you are well informed, good for you!
Be prepared to run the race. The Gemini loves action; so if you are left behind, consider being left out.
Enjoy flirting with the Gemini man in your life.
Make personal space the operative word in your relationship.

3.6.2. What you should not do:
Don't expect your Gemini to stop playing the field. That will be the end of the relationship
Fumble for words all the time. The Gemini cannot stand poorly informed people.
Don't intrude into every hour of the Gemini's life. Your Gemini lover needs freedom to think and introspect.
Don't hold on, once the Gemini gets tired of the relationship. He will slip through your fingers like the wind.
Don't be too surprised at the way in which the Gemini expresses his love. What do you know, you will find love notes tucked into your pillow one morning, and be greeted by a cold, icy stare the next.

3.7. Beautiful You
Wit and charm - the two most important ingredients of your beauty. An unruly tendril could not bother you, as you are more concerned about who will sign the next peace treaty.
Well, you do have a way of moving your hands in the most rhythmic fashion as you speak. Have you ever noticed how people's eyes follow your hands around? Just don't let your chipped nail show, and a manicure will set things right in a jiffy. And yes, use good lip colors, for your mouth will be under constant scrutiny for pearls of wisdom!
But it is your power of thinking that wins hands down. Calm the hyperactive mind with a lavender-tinged perfume and make-up in shades of pinks and light blues. You are not partial to color. Your beauty comes from your intellect, sense of humour and zest for life. Don't let your life be governed by shades of blue and pink. The cosmetic façade does not work all the time!

3.8. Lucky Gem
The next time you need to crack a tough problem, you can count on the emerald to help you. The stone will bless you with all the intelligence you need!

3.9. Lucky Number
Number 9 will bring you good news!

3.10. Lucky Color
Reach for the skies with sky blue

3.11. Lucky Day
All your dreams come true on Thursday

3.12. Careers and you
What you have is The Great Communicator and The Great Facilitator all rolled into one -- but wait, they're two. Twins, right? Possessed of a restless and quick mind, you are constantly moving from one project to the next, so a capable assistant who can keep pace with you is a good idea -- if they can keep up!
You work well as an intermediary or go-between, since you love to talk. The context of these contacts is probably a fast-paced social whirl where you are being continuously challenged and stimulated. If things get dull, you will set your sites on a new arena.

3.13. Gemini Career Guide
Here are some occupations that a Gemini might consider:
- Ad writer
- Broker
- Commentator
- Concierge
- Correspondent
- Debater
- Impersonator
- Journalist
- Librarian
- Linguist
- News commentator
- Novelist
- Orator
- Playwright

3.14. Money and you
Changeable and unpredictable, you enjoy blowing up money, rarely worrying about where the next cheque will come from. Your charisma will surely lead to something! You can't be bothered with balancing accounts, though, since there are so many more interesting things to do. As far as you are concerned, money is a necessary evil. You enjoy juggling many tasks, and are ideally suited as a salesperson since it's a great way to talk all day long! And talk you can, for you could sell ice to Eskimos. A freelance sales job is ideal, thanks to its flexible scheduling. Are you good with money? Well, you can have a pretty hard time deciding between practicality and pleasure. If your partner is willing to manage the purse strings, life with you can be a non-stop joyride!

04. [Astro Signs] - Cancer

04. Cancer (June 22 - July 23)

The eternal homebody, you thrive on love and affection.

Ruled by the Moon

A Feminine Negative Cardinal Water Sign.

Polar or Opposite sign: Capricorn

4.1. Color: Pale blue or Silver

4.2. You as a man:
You have the characteristic Cancer need for security. You pursue it with dedication and a quiet, religious fervour most of the time. Finances have fascinated you since childhood, and saving is substantially more attractive to you than spending.
You are either very close to your family (specifically your mother), or completely alienated from them. The relationship is never casual. You are naturally shy of rushing into a relationship, but once you're sure, you won't be easily rebuffed. You like your loved ones to lean on you forever, and when they show signs of independence, you may become a cranky crab.

4.3. You as a woman:
Your Cancer sensitivity is hurt at the slightest pretext. You hate to be criticized, you are deeply wounded by ridicule, and you just can't stand being rejected. You like to keep secrets. You are afraid you are not pretty enough, smart enough, young enough or old enough.
After you've been won over, you may be just a little tenacious, but you'll never let go of the relationship as long as you live. There is never anything shallow or superficial about your sentiments. Patience is one of your loveliest virtues. You will never let people down when things get really dismal.

4.4. Your Love Sign
Your love sign is Virgo
Where romance is concerned, you enjoy being the initiator in the game of love. Gentle probing can soon turn to passion, and few would resist your charms. The best way to your heart is truly through your stomach. This love of physical and emotional well-being is a duty, which your partner must fulfill. If this isn't achieved, you will retreat into a shell.

4.5. You in relationships
You are blessed with a unique intuition, and this works very well for a relationship. You have an excellent instinct for which relationship will work, and once you assess this, the relationship will never go wrong. Your charm and magnetism are qualities which will prove most alluring, and coupled with your nurturing need, will prove hard to resist. You love to feel secure, so someone who remembers special days, or who finds no reason to celebrate, will find a tender and loving companion

4.6. One must Know the rules when dealing with Cancerians

4.6.1. What you should do:
Invest in a recipe book, and learn to whip up some wonderful meals, For the crab, there is no place like home, and something straight from the kitchen wins hands-down.
Remember special days, like the first time you exchanged a kiss. This means a lot to the Cancer.
Show the Cancer how much you appreciate the relationship. The Crab thrives on emotional security.
Be ready to lend a shoulder whenever needed. You will get unconditional love in return.
Give your Cancer undivided attention when they need it. The Crab is hurt easily, and you don't want that, do you?

4.6.2. What you should not do:
Don't expect to be the boss in the relationship. The Crab has a definite idea of who will wear the pants.
Ignoring family matters could is a dangerous mistake. The Cancerian burns incense at the family altar, and will expect you to do too.
Don't be pushy. This will shock the Crab. Gentleness is the key.
The Cancer is not the one for practical jokes. Tread carefully when making fun of them, for they can lapse into depths of gloom.
Don't get carried away by the Crab's mood swings. You will experience an emotional tidal wave

4.7. Beautiful you
The mirror is not your best friend. You care for the world, and a beauty routine only binds you down. But your eyes and cheekbones are a special gift, so you need no work there! You are the perfect picture of the nurturer, with your sparkling eyes and womanly proportions.
From the outside, you would pass off easily for Mother Hen. Underneath, you're an emotional and sexual woman. You do have your moments of celebration, when you want to let your hair down. When you want to indulge, you spend hours in the bathtub, scrubbing away. That is when your bath oils make a rare appearance. You prefer the classics -- pearls, pastel colors and tried-and-true products.
Your beauty comes from your generosity, your sympathetic nature and your realistic self-image. It's when you open your arms to give the world a warm hug that you become an absolute knockout.

4.8. Lucky Gem
If you have been worried by sleepless nights, a pearl could be the perfect cure. Wearing the pearl also ensures peace of mind, and could bring you all the good luck in the world!

4.9. Lucky Number
Number 6 is your pick for good fortune!

4.10. Lucky Color
Soak in the elegance of white!

4.11. Lucky Day
It is time to look ahead on Wednesday!

4.12. Careers and you
You could be mistaken for an underachiever, but you work in a subtle, low-key manner. You like to lead, and are generally successful. You can create a space of harmony and happiness for all. This empathetic and intuitive quality also makes you a natural nurturer. You are very creative and possess qualities that can lead to bliss in the workplace, if properly merged. Think of an art therapist or family counselor, that is your talk. But a word of caution; people shouldn't make the mistake of rubbing you the wrong way. They will pay a heavy price!

4.13. Cancer Career Guide
Here are some occupations that a Cancerian might consider:
- Archaeologist
- Caterer
- Dairy farmer
- Deep sea diver
- Dietician
- Farmer
- Historian
- Homemaker
- Hotel worker
- Manufacturer
- Merchandiser
- Merchant

4.14. Money and you
Security is of the utmost importance to you and that means financial security as well. You like having money and feel especially good when there's a pile of it in the bank. You are an excellent strategist. You enjoy accumulating money (you need to!) and intend to hang on to most, if not all, of what you get. Loving money as you do (green must be your favorite color!), you make excellent bankers and business people, seemingly endowed as you are with a head for money. You also view money as a measure of your value. You enjoy doing the budgeting and will always see to it that the fridge is full, the bills are paid, and that bank balances are healthy.

05. [Astro Signs] - Leo

05. Leo (July 24 - Aug 23)

The leader of the pack! Go ahead; preen all you want, as you discover more about

Ruled by the sun.

A Masculine Positive Fixed Fire Sign.

Polar or opposite sign: Aquarius

5.1. Color: Gold-yellow - orange, sometimes red

5.2. You as a man:
You will be a chivalrous and Leo gallant suitor, protective and affectionate. You are even endowed with a kind of instant passion. You are the life of most parties, and wear the jester's mask to get attention. Regardless of appearances, there's nothing easygoing about your inner nature.
You need a steady supply of affection to be faithful to a relationship. You appreciate beauty. You have an enormous need to command and be loved by those you rule. You secretly fear being ridiculed. Yet, when your nobility has been aroused by a great cause, you know no fear.

5.3. You as a woman:
You are not a wallflower. You are a sunflower. Most likely, you'll be the social leader of your group, lording over lesser people like a queen, but with such disarming warmth and such a beautiful smile, no one really minds. You can act up a storm, and pretend to be sweet and harmless. You can't exist without appreciation. You are usually generous, intelligent, witty, strong, and capable, yet deliciously feminine at the same time. Flattery is your secret weakness.
Confinement inside four walls and under one roof can soon rob you of your sparkle. You must have your own career.

5.4. You in Relationships
You are the life of any relationship, and a courtship with you will rarely prove dull. You need to be lavished with attention, but can also do that in return. You need a lover who can keep up with you match your wits. If boredom creeps into the relationship, you look for greener pastures. You need a partner who can understand your needs and give you the attention you need.

5.5. One must Know the rules when dealing with Leo

5.5.1. What you should do:

Think of new ways to praise the Leo every single day. The Lion loves to bask in the glory of praise.
The Leo will rule the roost, so learn to be submissive. Pretend you like it!
Laugh at the Lion's jokes. The Leo has a wonderful sense of humour, and will keep you entertained.
Show the Leo how important they are to you.
Be prepared for surprise gifts to be showered on you on a daily basis.

5.5.2. What you should not do:
Don't make plans, unless the Lion has a place in them. Or be prepared for them to sulk in the corner.
Try and pull the Leo vanity down in public. The Leo ego will be bruised, and this is not very good news!
Don't take charge of a situation. The Leo knows he is boss, and would not like to share the spotlight with anyone, not even you.
Don't challenge the Leo vanity. The Lion's ego is fragile, and has to be handled with care.
Don't insist on sharing honors with a Leo. The spotlight is theirs and theirs alone.

5.6. Beautiful you
Have you checked if your make-up is right? Good. You have people looking, so things had better be right! You demand to be noticed all the time, so a well-stacked dressing table is part of every Leo household! And yes, you do have a crowning mane to speak of! That, with your large and expressive eyes, should get hearts beating!
Did we forget those sexy shoulders?
You don't mind spending hours in front of the mirror for the right look. And if your brand of shampoo has to be shipped from the jungles of Brazil, so be it.
You wear vibrant colors, lemony perfumes, and you're not afraid to take risks to get your point across. Your true beauty comes from your readiness to share yourself and your gifts, your generous affection and your loyal, pure heart.

5.7. Lucky Gem
The ruby is a miracle stone, and wearing it will bring you health and good fortune. You will also acquire the power to make instant decisions.

5.8. Lucky Number
Number 3 will pull you out of trouble!

5.9. Lucky Color
Let saffron lift your spirits!

5.10. Lucky Day
Preen, for you will rake in accolades on Friday

5.11. Careers and you
If there's someone who likes being the centre of attention, it's you. You are giving, proud, energetic, confident -- the world can't help but look! You draw attention easily, thanks to your larger-than-life personality. You make great role models since the signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that you seek. As much as you like being in the spotlight, there really is plenty of room for a team to assemble all around. Your team is the winning team, and a happy bunch of cats it is.

5.12. Leo Career Guide
Here are some occupations that a Leo might consider:
- Actor
- Director
- Educator
- Politician
- Principal
- Professor
- Publicist
- Resort manager
- Spokesperson
- Stockbroker
- TV anchor
- Talk show host
- Teacher

5.13. Money and you
You love to be centre stage, playing to an adoring audience. You also love beauty and riches and often seem to be pampered with both. When not on stage, it's easy to spot you in a crowd. You are always the most magnetic presence in the room. You are a risk taker, but generally only if the odds are in your favor. You hate to lose. Extravagance is your middle name! You will find a way to make money, because you surely know how to spend it -- and will. Managing money would definitely crimp your freewheeling style. If you do overspend, you are generally resourceful enough to get back on track. When things get really bad, you will pay a visit to the banker, since you could never borrow from a friend.